If you are an avid fisherman then you probably have had dreams of catching a monster sized

Northern Pike, like those in Saskatchwan. These fish can grow to over 47 inches. However, the

average sized are over 36 inches, the next size that is common to catch is in the 45 inch range.

If you plan to eat your catch then the ones that weigh around three to four pounds are the best.

So catching Northern Pike in Saskatchwan is a satisfying experience.

Since the Northern Pike is a fierce predator, this fish makes use of any opportunity that comes

its way. Depending the time of year, this wily fish can be found in the shallows or in the deeper

waters. The bigger the Northern Pike the differently it behaves. So you as the hunter of this

predator have to adapt the strategy to fit the size and the fight of the pike you are going for.

Catching of Northern Pike in Saskatchwan takes a good size tackle box and a good fish finder.

Take for an example the topwater lure. This is a good lure for the summer early mornings. Other

times to catch the monster is in the afternoons and when the weather is overcast. The best places

to find them is in the woody shorelines, rocky lake rock pile and weedy shorelines. If the

conditions are a bit calm, the lure that is recommended is bright colored and the loudest buzz

bait. The recommended colors are white, orange, and vibrant chartreuse. The hooks of choice are a

trailertail with a five-inch worm, pork chunk, a twister tail, Berry Reynolds Pike fly or a

McMurderer.  Another tip is to keep the tip of the rod up while reeling in and reel into the fish

instead of dropping the tip and setting the hook.

A big mistake that fishermen make is going for these huge fish is to go during a calm day when the

water is like a sheet of glass. The best time is when the water is slightly choppy. Another good

indicator of good northern pike fishing if the lake has a good sized population of whitefish and

suckers. These fish are what sustain larger populations of pike, especially in the size you are

looking for.

If you are going for the number of Northern Pike then you may get lucky and hook a trophy sized

one. Then of course, you increase the odds a little by trolling off rocky places in the lake, or

up by the river mouth. This will increase the odds a bit especially if you use the bigger Muskie

style lures.  The recommended rod to use is 8 to 10 weight fly rod. Plus a reel with a great drag

mechanism. The leads should be a "wire or hard nylon tippet."

These tips should help in catching northern pike in Saskatchwan. Good luck and happy fishing!